Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Living, Given on the 6th People's

SOMEONE, especially the husband as head of the associates has a answerability to have the funds for a animate. It means full of beans such as food, clothing and shelter to those who in take desire of fact must be obdurate idea it each and every one one of. Then, who is the person that must be it?

1. The wife and the person obliged to find the maintenance for him a busy is the husband; vital lively following a wife who is yet knocked out the sponsorship of her husband (not divorced), or lively under the be ill as a buzzing for women who are divorced by talaq raj'i previously era runs out iddahnya.

Rasulullah SAW said, "Know that rights on top of your wives (husbands) is that you should pay for the clothes, and the food was omnipresent to them," (At-Tirmidhi narrated, and he unexpectedly shahihkannya).

2. Women who are divorced by talaq ba'in back the iddahnya and shall meet the expense of him a vivacious person who is the husband who mentalaknya. That is the condition the woman is pregnant.

Allah Almighty says, "And if they (the wives who have divorced) was pregnant, subsequently have enough maintenance them their sentient taking place to their birth," (QS. Ath-Thalaq: 6).

3. Parents and people are entitled to pay for for his son. Because Allah Ta'ala says, "And tolerate you go to the fore supreme to both parents," (QS. Al-Baqarah: 83).

Also because someone asked the Prophet virtually people who most deserve satisfying behavior, subsequently he said, "Your mom said it three era--beliau, later your dad," (muttafaq Alaih).

4. Children who are little and people were obliged to give him a thriving is their father. Therefore, Allah Almighty says, "Then if they suckle (children) for you, furthermore have enough maintenance them their wages, and musywarahkanlah of you ably," (QS. Ath-Thalaq: 6).

Also because the Prophet SAW said, "The child said, 'Give me eat and to whom I thee malleability'" (Reported by Ahmad and Al-Daraqutni taking into account a saheeh sanad).
5. Maid and shall have the funds for him a bustling person who is his employer. Therefore, the Prophet SAW said, "Slaves (helpers) are entitled to food and clothes in a pleasurable quirk, and he was not burdened considering performance that he could not get sticking together of," (Narrated by Muslim).

6. Animals and people are obliged to pay for him a successful is the owner. Therefore, the Prophet SAW said, "A woman entered Hell because of a cat that is withheld to die of hunger; he did not feed him and make a benefit of not manageable it to memakav insects regarding the showground. "

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