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The characteristics of an ungodly husband

SOMETIMES, in the family of things happen undesirable from both the wife and husband. Husband is not uncommon to perform actions that deviate from the provisions of Allah and violated the rights of his wife. Thus, the husband must know the characteristics of the act of disobedience against the wife, namely:

1. Making wife as Leader Household

From Abu Bakrah, he said, "Messenger of Allah said: 'do not be lucky a people led by a woman,'" (HR.Ahmad no.19612 Bukhari, Tirmidhi, and Nasa'i).

Prophet said that a people (including her husband) will never get the glory or fortune when it makes a woman (including his wife) leader. Forms of this misfortune is the loss of authority of the husband giving his wife an opportunity to apply at will in the household regardless of the opinion of her husband. Telling his wife earn a living and manage the affairs of the household, including his wife made as a leader. Husband who do so means violating the terms defined Allah and His Messenger.

2. Shopping abandoning wife

From 'Abdullah bin' Amr, he said, "Rasululluah said: 'a person is deemed innocent enough when he abandoned shopping people who are responsible,'" (HR.Abu Dawud no.1442, Muslim, Ahmad, and Thabarani).

From "Asyah ra, that Hind bint Utbah once said: 'O Messenger of Allah, verily Abu Sufyan is a miser and does not want to give me spending enough for me and my son, so I was forced taking of his property without his knowledge." He besabda:' Take just enough for yourself and your child with reasonable, "(HR.Bukhari no.4945, Muslim, Nasa'i, Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, Ahmad and Darimi).

The husband who abandoned his wife and child shopping means have sinned. Husbands should realize that as long as he abandoned his wife shopping, for that he sinned against his wife. Therefore, he is obliged to apologize to his wife and then repent to Allah.

3. Do not Give A Safe Place

"Place them (the wives) where you dwell, according to your ability and do not trouble them to constrict (hearts). If they (wives at talaq) was pregnant, give them their living until they give birth, "(QS.Ath-Thalaaq (65): 6).

God explained to the husband who divorces his wife are required to continue to provide shelter for him during the prescribed period and must not reduce spending his or her out of the house because want to cause him or force him to return the treasure ever given to him or any other purpose. If the ex-wife who still within the prescribed period just got to get right to make a living and a good place to live, then it is a major and more mandatory again for his legal wife to get better treatment than that.

4. Refinance Mahar

Of Maimun Al-Kurady, from his father, he said: "I heard the prophet of Allah. (Said): 'any man who marries a woman with a dowry little or a lot, but in his heart intends will not fulfill what the rights of women , meaning it has been ignored. If he dies before fulfilling the rights of the woman, later on the Day of Judgment he will meet with God as one who fasiq, ' "(HR.Thabarani, Al-Mu; Jamul, Ausath II / 237/1851).

According to this hadith a husband who had set the dowry for his wife, but then did not pay the promised dowry to his wife, meaning fool or mengicuh his wife. If he does not have a dowry so she could borrow his wife.

In QS.Al-Baqarah (2): 237 explains that, "if you divorce your wife before you mix with them, when you have determined the dowry, pay half of the dowry that has you specify it, unless it's your wives have to forgive or be forgiven by those who hold the bonds of marriage. You pardon it is nearer to piety. You should not forget the kindness among you. Verily God is seeing what you are doing. "

5. Interest Mahar Without contentment Wife

"If you (the husband) wanted to replace wife with another wife, while you have given one of them was the dowry that a lot, do not you take it back a bit. Are you guys going to take it back in ways more subtle and manifest sin? How would you take it back, while you are with each other already intermingled (husband and wife) and their (your wives) have made a solid agreement with you, "(QS.An-Nisaa '(4): 20-21) ,

The verse prohibits a husband who asks or withdraw the dowry that had been given to her, either partially or wholly. The purpose of Islam sets the dowry in the marriage the wife is to respect the position that in the days before Islam does not have the right to own and control assets of any kind, either from parents or her husband.

6. Violating Terms Wife

"O ye who believe, fulfill your promises." (QS.Al-Maaidah (5): 1).

Allah commanded the believers to fulfill the promises he made to the people involved with the agreement. In this case, the husband and wife should fulfill the agreement that has been made, even the most worthy of such treaties are filled with the best.

7. Accuses Wife fornicate

"And those who accuse their wives committed adultery, even though they have no witnesses except themselves, then the testimony of one of them is swear four times by Allah that indeed he is among the righteous (the allegations) (7 ) and the fifth time (she say) that the curse of God will befall him if he turned out to belong to people who lie, "(QS.An-Nur (24): 6-7).

The verse gives provision to protect his wife from the husband accusations. Because the allegations could damage the honor and dignity of the wife. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate strictly the husband does not carelessly accuse his wife commit adultery without proof accounted for.

The act of despicable acts such as husband to wife;

1. Hit (Without Warning preemptively)
2. Pleasant Breaking Hearts wife with Religion
3. Invite Wife Sinning
4. forge wife with a sister or aunt
5. Weight Next to the Rotate Wife
6. Divorcing Wife Solehah
7. Expel wife of House

Wa'allahu knows best.

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