Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tips to Prevent Transmission of Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a sickness that is generally transmitted through rat urine. This sickness can next be transmitted to others, such as transmission through the genital and breast milk.

For humans, there is no vaccine the length of leptospirosis. The option vaccine to prevent it is easy to obtain to to the animals. However, animals that have been vaccinated are nevertheless susceptible to count types of leptospira bacteria that are not included in the vaccine definite. For that, we mannerism to retain and admit precautions to avoid contracting the sickness.

Here are some tips to prevent transmission.
1.Biasakan ourselves to always living a healthy liveliness. Make sure your body ample burning, similar to nap 8 hours a day.
2.Perbanyak foods containing protein, such as meat, milk, and cheese.
3.Cukupi needs of fruits and vegetables. If pungent, supplements or multivitamins that can assertion exaggeration endurance.
4.Simpan food and beverage in a safe and tidy, to avoid contamination of animals that could potentially transmit sickness.
5.Biasakan wash their hands as soon as soap previously eating, after do its stuff, after holding the animals, cleaning the residence and the kitchen, as expertly as new filthy places, as leptospira bacteria are rapidly killed by soap.
6.Sebelum drinking or mannerism in canned foods, make determined you wash or rinse the lid first. This is to prevent plagued leptospira bacteria considering they are stored in the warehouse accrual.
7.Pakailah protective clothing, such as member, masks, goggles, or boots bearing in mind nimble in a filthy place or behind handling animals.
8.Bersihkan where stagnant water, such as swimming pools regularly.
9. If the body is wound, cover it also a waterproof bandage, especially before edit subsequent to the soil, mud, or water that may be impure taking into account animal urine transmitters.
10.Biasakan wear shoes subsequent to outdoors, especially following the sports arena is damp or muddy.
11. Avoid the rats in the quarters or building.
12.Pastikan your pet acquire the vaccine. Perform health checks your pet to the vet regularly.

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