Sunday, August 28, 2016

Understanding Binary Numbers

Here I will explain about the notion travel malang juanda of binary number. The number of binary or binary or binary digits (can be abbreviated became a bit) is one type of number systems. Binary number consists of digits 0 and 1.

Binary number in the computing world. Computers use binary number in order to communicate between components (hardware) as well as between fellow computer. Because computers only use machine language, i.e. If your computer get an electrical signal or voltage (Volt), means to be worth 1. If the computer does not get an electrical signal or voltage, mean value 0.

Binary number can be converted to another type of number systems such as decimal and octal. People often use the decimal numbers in life everyday. Binary number and type of other number systems of mutual drawing up each other. For example, binary number 00000010 is number 2 in decimal. As well as otherwise, in number 2 Decimal number 00000010, it means in a binary number.

Binary numbers are used also to construct a data or files contained in the computer. For example, there is a file size 1 MB (Mega Bytes). If 1 Byte = 8 bits, means the file is made up of hundreds of bits into a file.

Binary number is also used to communicate between fellow computer in a network. Because computers only understand Binary Numbers, then the computer menstransmisikan electrical signals to networked devices to communicate with one another. Binary number is very important in putting together a network of computers. To construct a binary number, the IP Address is very necessary.

The Question Of Understanding:

What is a binary number?
What is the usefulness of a binary number?
Why in the computer network required the existence of a binary number?
Binary number can be converted to other numbers?
How a file can be transferred to other computers?


Is one type of number systems. The number Binerter consists of the numbers 0 and 1.
Binary number can be used in humans to be able to communicate with the computer, as well as to be able to share existing resources.
For in computer networks, the computer requires communication with the network devices. To this end, the creation of binary number in order that humans are easily understood and understand the communication between computers and other devices.
Can. Binary number can be converted into any other number systems. An example of a binary number to Decimal. This is done to make it easier to recognize the human computer language.
By way of transfer of the groups/bit packages to another computer in accordance with the existing standards.

A Type Of Computer Network

Types of computer networks in general have kitchen set malang 5 kinds, namely LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), Internet, and Wireless (without cable). In fact, the concept of the type of network the computer is the same, namely to link the various network devices to be able to communicate and share resources. The only difference is of his geological layout (includes regions and areas of the network) and the technology used (such as the use of different cable types, IP Addressing appropriate classes, and systems security (security) are different). So, I will expose about the types of computer networks, according to the sources I got, both from the teachers SMK N 3 Singaraja and softcopy or hadrcopy I have.

Lan (Local Area Network)

Figure: example of Network LAN

A Local Area Network or LAN, is a type of computer network with the local area. Using a variety of network devices that are fairly simple and popular, such as using a cable UTP (Unshielded Twisted-Pair), Hub, Switch, Router, etc. An example of such a computer on the LAN-connected computer at school, in the company, Internet café, as well as between neighbouring houses that still includes the LAN.

The advantage of using this type of LAN computer network such as more efficient in spending on operating costs, more efficient in the use of cable, data transfer between nodes and computer more quickly since it encompassed a narrow or local, and do not require telecommunications operators to set up a LAN network.

The loss of the use of this type of LAN network is network coverage more narrowly so as to communicate to the outside network becomes more difficult and the area coverage of data transfers is not so extensive.

Man (Metropolitan Area Network)

Figure: example of a network MAN

Metropolitan Area Network or MAN, is a type of computer network that is broader and more sophisticated types of computer network LAN. Called Metropolitan Area Network because of the type of network the computer MAN is regularly used for connecting computer networks from one city to another. To be able to make a network MAN, usually required the existence of a telecommunications operator to connect between computer networks. Examples include network Department of inter city or region and also the modern mall network interconnected between cities.

The advantage of this type of MAN'S computer network such as the wider network coverage so as to become more efficient, communicate the ease in terms of doing business, and also the security of the network for the better.

The disadvantage of this type of Network Computer MAN such as more use of operational costs, can be the target of the operation by the Cracker to take advantage, and for tissue repair MAN takes quite a long time.

Wan (Wide Area Network)

Figure: example of network WAN

Wide Area Network or WAN, a type of computer network that is broader and more sophisticated than other types of computer network LAN and MAN. JaringanWAN technology commonly used to connect a network with other countries or from one continent to the other continents. WAN network can consist of different types of LAN and WAN computer network because of the breadth of the area of coverage of the types of computer networks WAN. WAN network, usually using a fiber optic cable as well as implanting in the soil as well as passing through the underwater path.

The advantage of this type of computer network WAN as the wider network coverage of this type of computer network LAN and MAN, someone information became more secretive and generally because of a country to communicate with the others require more security, and also easier in developing as well as make it easier in terms of business.

The disadvantage of this type of Network WAN as operational costs needed to be more numerous, very vulnerable to the danger of theft of important data, care for WAN networks becoming more heavy.


Figure: example of a network the Internet

The Internet is a global computer network or global. Because the Internet is a network-connected computer networks worldwide, so communication and transfer data or files become easier. The Internet can be said to be a mix of different types of computer networks with Topology and type of networks that are interconnected to each other.

The advantage of this type of communication including the Internet network and share resources from one network to another network becomes easier, the dissemination of knowledge becomes more rapid, delivery information becomes faster and easier, and become the fields to earn

The disadvantage of this type of Internet network such as cyberspace crimes or cyber criminal into a broad, pornography is becoming increasingly widespread, the transaction illegal items such as drugs became rampant, and can also give rise to defamation because of the submission of incorrect information.

Wireless (Cordless)

Figure: example of a Wireless network

Wireless is a type of computer network that uses the medium of transmission of data without using cables. Media used, such as radio waves, infrared, bluetooth, and a microwave. Wireless LAN network into be enabled, MAN, or WAN. Wireless is intended for high-mobility needs.

The advantage of this type of Wireless network such as convenience to connect to the network without being restricted by cables, more towards users who require high mobility, and not too need a network cable.

The type of Wireless network such as loss of data transmission to the user that is slower than the use of a network with the cable, require strict security because people who are outside the network can break through into the Wireless network.

The Question Of Understanding:

How many types of computer networks?
A type of computer network which is used to meet the needs of high mobility and is not too frustrated by the use of a cable?
Network devices are often used to make a type of computer network LAN?
Does that make these types of computer networks, the Internet is highly favored by many people?
What is it that distinguishes from all types of computer networking?


For now, there are 5 types of computer networks. Because there is not a possibility for more advanced technologies in the future:).
By using this type of Wireless computer networks. Because Wireless is very useful for computer/laptop users who need high mobility to be able to connect to the network computer.
Typically, in establishing the type of LAN computer network used network equipment, switches, Hubs and routers.
Because the Internet can connect all kinds of computers can communicate with each other and also interact with one another making it easier for computer users to be able to share information and resources.
The thing that distinguishes from all type of this is the use of computer network technology and distance communication diigunakan.